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Refund Policy


  • You may return textbooks for a full refund only during the first 10 days of the semester for which is was purchased.
  • Restocking fee of 15% (of retail price) on returns without drop slip.
  • When returning books within the return period, a cash refund will be issued when your check has cleared the bank (15 days).
  • Keep your sales receipt in a safe place.  You will have to show your receipt if you need to return a book.
  • Don't highlight or write in new books or open shrink wrapped materials until you're sure you'll use them.  You can't get a full refund for a book that's marked or show wear, even if you have dropped the class.
  • Don't buy books for course that you won't be taking until another term.  The course may require a different book or edition by then, and it will be too late to return your purchase.


  • You may return merchandise within two weeks after purchase with receipt.